5 Best Apps to Boost Productivity at Work

At the workplace, we have to find different ways to enhance productivity from time to time. Technology can be the best companion for you, in that case. There are plenty of apps available in the market that are made specially to increase productivity in your professional life. So, you need nothing more than an ideal productivity app for becoming better at your workplace. As there are a variety of productivity apps, you need to choose the ideal ones for using regularly.

These are the top 5 apps for staying organized and increasing productivity at the workplace:

1. Pocket

If you often read articles and watch videos on your Smartphone, then the Pocket app is the best solution for you. It allows you to save articles for reading later, even when you will be offline. The best thing about the Pocket app is that it is already integrated into more than 1500 apps, including Twitter, Flipboard, and Zite. You can use this app easily on various devices and platforms such as  Android, iOS, Google Chrome. So, stay motivated with exciting content before, after, or at work and use this app in short breaks to stay productive. It is a free app but comes with a premium option for advanced features.

2. TeamViewer

For those who sometimes work remotely, TeamViewer is a must have app. It lets you access your work PC from anywhere with ease.   You need to have the TeamViewer working on the device that you want to access though. By simply logging in through your phone or desktop, you can get instant access to the other desired device. Work from home or anywhere else becomes easy and comfortable with the use of the TeamViewer app. It comes free for personal use but asks you to pay a dedicated amount for getting the premium version.

3. Todoist

To complete projects or assigned tasks at work, creating to-do lists is essential. And, Todoist is specially made for that purpose only. It helps you track of points or items and makes things easier for you. This app can sync with all of your devices to access the to-do lists anywhere you want. You can use it either for personal use and with teams for planning project and completing deadlines. Get this free productivity app on your Smartphone as soon as possible.

4. Scanbot

Scanbot is an ideal scanning app for your Smartphone. It allows you to scan a variety of things such as a QR code, whiteboard, and even anything from others phone. This app is handy when it comes to saving your scanned files to Slack, Google Drive, or other platforms. Scanbot comes with in-app purchases for direct faxing through phone and recognizing annotations and text. Five different color modes are being offered with this app for making your scans look great. You can save the scanned document in JPG or PDF formats also. Download this free scanning app in your device and ensure a smooth workflow.

5. Grammarly

If you write daily at your workplace or even don’t write much, Grammarly will be a useful tool for you. It will show you mistakes that you make while writing sentences and helps you send error-free sentences. You are getting a personal proofreader with Grammarly. Not only spelling errors are recognized by this tool, but even grammar, writing style, punctuation, and word choice is noticed as well. From emails to word documents, you can write content without a single mistake everywhere. If you wish to check content plagiarism, it is also possible with the use of Grammarly, but you will have to get the premium version for that.


It is not that easy to stay productive every day. But you can manage maximum productivity by using the app mentioned over here. Choose any or all them for regular use and increasing productive at the workplace.

Bella Williams, an employee currently living in USA and working at a top email service provider company in the day, and a technical writer at night. I am passionate about writing troubleshooting tips, beginner’s guides, news, and other articles on varied topics like Canon Printer Support, HP Printer Customer Service etc.

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