How to Find Downloaded Files on Your Android Device?

Finding the files, you’ve downloaded on your Android device is usually an easy task. The steps for finding them can vary slightly depending on what kind of device you are using, but for some reason, the downloaded files tend to “disappear” sometimes.

It can be incredibly convenient to use Android to download files and forgo a computer for such stuff.  

 To find the downloaded file through File Manager

  1. First of all, tap on the app drawer to search the file manager app.
  2. Now press on the “Downloads” or “File Manager” app. The identity of this app differs from device to device. In case you don’t have this app, download it first from the Google Play Store.
  3. Click on each of the two folders to search your “Downloads” folder from under the File Manager app. If you have inserted an SD card, then search in it as well as in your device’s internal memory. It may store inside one of the two main storage folders of this app.
  4. When you find your desired “download” folder, touch on it to open. Here you will find all the items that you have downloaded from different sources to your device. In case you haven’t got the folder, poke through other folders to search it.

To view downloaded files using Google Chrome

  1. Go to Google Chrome and open it. It should be available on your Android’s home screen. In case you cannot find it on your screen, explore it under the app drawer. By this Chrome method, you will be able to find the files and folders you are downloading while surfing Google Chrome browser.
  2. Tap on the menu icon located at the upper-right edge of the Google Chrome browsing page.
  3. Now click on the “Downloads” button. Here you can see and explore every file or folder of all the formats that you have downloaded earlier while using Chrome browser. 
  • You want to view only specific file type, then hit on the menu tab located on the upper part of your downloads window and then select the file format e.g., Audio, Video, Document, Excel and so on. You may also find your desired result by touching on the search bar provided on the top and enter your search file or folder.

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